Barbecue: 7 tips for a balanced and healthy barbecue

Summer and good weather are coming, and with that: barbecues! On this occasion, we would love to give you some tips to fully enjoy this little pleasure while eating healthily!

Barbecue: How to enjoy it while eating healthy?

  • 1. Choose less fatty meats

“Healthy barbecue starts with healthy ingredients.” When it comes to meat, the secret to a healthier barbecue is to replace fatty meats usually used in barbecue, “with lean meats. This limits the flow of grease on the fire, which limits the formation of toxic compounds.
Another piece of advice concerning meats: Pay attention to the amount of red meat consumed during the week. Excessive consumption of meat, especially red, and processed meat (cold cuts, sausages, etc.) is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer.
My advice: Choose better the meats used for your barbecue. Avoid red meats, chipolatas, and other fatty and/or processed meats. Choose leaner meats as much as possible. Think, for example, of chicken or turkey meat, or even fish or seafood.

  • 2. Add more vegetables to your barbecue

Often “BBQ” meals consist of meat and possibly starchy foods. Fruits and vegetables are often forgotten, which contributes to the imbalance of our plate. However, fruits and vegetables deserve to bring a little lightness and freshness to the barbecue. Another advantage: they are rich in water, and therefore, particularly appreciated in summer or in hot weather.
My advice: Make sure you always have vegetables on your plate, even when barbecuing! Serve with grilled meats, for example with a good salad of raw vegetables in olive oil or grilled vegetables. In this way, you will benefit from the vitamin bomb from vegetables and your meal will be much lighter and more balanced!

Does cancer mean inevitable death?…

  • 3. Go for kebabs

A simple idea for incorporating more vegetables into your grill is to go for kebabs! And yes, by adding peppers, onions, mushrooms, or even tomatoes to your skewers, you will be able to concoct a more balanced and healthier barbecue!
The other advantage is that you can use your imagination to make your kebabs. No risk of getting bored!

  • 4. Watch the meat cook!

Avoid charring the food. This advice may seem obvious to you, yet important to clarify. Indeed, we now know that barbecue is harmful to health because it is a source of toxic substances that are carcinogenic in the long term. These harmful substances develop with the excessive heating of food; hence the importance of paying special attention to cooking.
My advice: Favor slow cooking and place the food far enough away from the fire. Finally, always remove the blackened parts of food before consuming it.

  • 5. Go for marinades

Researchers at the University of Kansas have proven that soaking meat in a marinade (oil, vinegar, herbs, spices, etc.) reduces carcinogens in meat by 57-88%! It seems that this acts as a “barrier.” And if the marinade is generally quite oily, you have nothing to worry about for your figure since all the fat will melt on the barbecue, leaving nothing but meat infused with a taste of herbs and spices!

  • 6. Use herbs and spices

Herbs and spices not only have the advantage of seasoning our dishes and giving their different tastes and flavors but also of being rich in antioxidants, which are very effective against toxic substances generated by barbecued meats.
My advice: Do not hesitate to use their many fragrances and colors!

  • 7. Take care of the grill

Last point for a healthy barbecue: the cooking plate. Care must be taken as the carcinogenic particles generated during cooking can build up on the griddle, exposing you to more exposure.
My advice: Make sure to clean the grid thoroughly before each use, to remove the black residues (charred parts) richest in toxic substances.

Does cancer mean inevitable death?…


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